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Last updated: 11 May 2015


The site should work with most recent versions of popular browsers: older versions may not function properly.

It is best viewed at a resolution of 1024 x 768: at higher resolutions you may find that a large area of background image is visible to the sides of the main content

Some functionality requires that your browser has Javascript enabled. Stylesheets should also be enabled for the layout of the pages to work properly.

We do not currently make use of site cookies for any purpose. We may store some information on our server eg if you send us a message through our on-line contact form.
The Map page uses embedded Google Maps and it is possible that Google may set cookies, if your browser allows it

To report problems and issues concerning the web site, use the webmaster contact form (there is a link to it at the bottom of each page).

Contact us

This page provides information (name, address, telephone) for getting in touch with Rainford Trailers Ltd and an on-line form that you can use to send us a short message/enquiry.

NOTE: This form should only be used for business-related messages: for messages concerning the web site use our webmaster contact form.
Conversely, the webmaster form should NOT be used for business enquiries.

The contact form [image] consists of the following fields (those marked with an asterisk (*) are required):

Generally, any values entered should not consist wholly of numbers.
Nor should they contain HTML tags (eg <b>) or anything resembling tags.
Emails must be in a valid format and the two values entered must match.
Message should be at least 10 characters long and a maximum of 400 characters is allowed: any excess characters will be removed.

NOTE: To further combat automated postings and spamming, pasting text into the Message field has been disabled.

The two Validation inputs [image] will each contain a maximum of four characters as the "challenge" consists of two words of four letters each displayed in image form. You can use the refresh icon refresh next to the word image to generate a new image if you have difficulty reading the current one.
Each word must match the corresponding word in the image to pass validation.

NOTES: As you type in the first of the two Validation boxes, the cursor should automatically move to the second box when the first is full (ie contains four characters).

Refreshing the page, to resubmit the form, will generate a new challenge and, therefore, the validation will fail on the resubmitted information.

Click on the Send message button, at the bottom of the form, to submit the form.
If any errors (invalid/missing values) are detected, you will be alerted and your message will not be sent. Make any necessary corrections and resubmit the form.

If no errors are detected and your message is successfully sent, an acknowledgement will be sent to the email address supplied on the form.

NOTE: The webmaster contact form is basically the same as this form and the above help applies to that form also.


The Map page shows an embedded Google Map illustrating a route from a nearby motorway to Rainford Trailers. The side bar shows directions.

Below the map is a Google image showing the entrance to the premises with our office indicated.

Above the map, you will see a map selector that allows you to select an alternative route and directions. If Javascript is enabled, the map and directions will change automatically, otherwise a Change button should be visible: click to reload the page with the selected map displayed.

Below the directions, you will find a link to view or download a PDF version of the current map and directions.

NOTE: As pointed out in the General section above, Google may set cookies in your browser, if your browser allows it.

View Stock

This is the basic stock browsing page. [image]

The main page area is divided into two parts: the Selection Menu area, on the left, and the results area, on the right.

The Selection Menu is divided into several sections, each representing a selection criterion - ie a property by which to select stock items - and each section lists the values found on current stock items, with a count of how many items there are that have each value.

Click on the required value to display matching results in the results pane

Results are displayed as a grid listing of the trailers with the selected value.
The grid displays a thumbnail image with summary descriptive text for each matching trailer: click on the image or text to load the details for that particular item.

NOTE: Where there is only one stock item in the selection, the details page will automatically be loaded, rather than a grid with a single item.

The details page for a trailer displays an image section, at the top, and an information section below.

The image section displays any photos available for the trailer and consists of a large main image and a thumbnail gallery.

Click on a thumbnail to display a larger version. Click on the large image to "zoom". This will display an even larger version, alongside the thumbnails. You can click on the thumbnails to change the zoomed image.

Click on the zoom image again to revert to the standard display

Query Stock

The basic layout of this page is very similar to the View Stock page as described above but allows a more advanced query function. [image]

On this page, instead of a simple "click & load" selection, each section of the Selection Menu contains a set of checkboxes allowing you to select more than one value within a group and in different groups.

You can also select which selection type to sort the results by.

Once you have made your choices, click the Show results button at the bottom of the menu.

NOTE: Within a group, if you select all other options, the ANY option will be selected instead. Conversely, selecting ANY deselects the other options in the group.

Selection works as follows:

Leaving all options unselected (unchecked) will select ALL current stock items and sort them by Trailer type

Within a search category group (eg Trailer type), leaving all options unselected - or selecting ALL, which is equivalent - means that category does not affect the results.

If one sub-category in a group is selected (eg Box), then only items matching that sub-category will be eligible for selection (depending on the values selected in other category groups). If more than one sub-category in a group is selected, then items matching ANY one of the selected values will be eligible.

Overall, the results will include items that match the combination of conditions in all the groups

NOTE: The number in parentheses after each sub-category shows the total number of items in that sub-category without any other selection conditions applied

Some examples:

NOTE: Depending on the combination of options selected, the query might, of course, return zero results: make your choices less restrictive to find matching items.
When no matches are found, a small selection of partial matches/random items should be displayed below the results notification. [image]

Stock Summary

The Stock Summary provides a stock listing in table format for easy viewing on-screen and is particularly designed to be printed off for reference. [image]

This page works in a way similar to the Stock Query described in the previous section but the selection mechanism is simpler.

The Sort & Filter Menu is divided into sections each containing a group of checkboxes allowing you to select one or more sub-categories in the group to include in the displayed results eg you may want to list only Boxes and Curtainsiders.

NOTE: Whereas the Stock Query allows a combination of selection criteria across different groups, selection on this page is based only on the values selected within a single group.

Under each group of selectors is a Show results button. When you have made your choices within the chosen selection category, click its button to submit the query.

The results will be displayed, on the right, as a table showing a thumbnail and details for each trailer, sorted and grouped by the sub-categories for that group eg if you query by Trailer Type the listing will be subdivided by the different trailer types selected.

On the results heading, there is a Print button. Click the button, or use your browser's print option, to print the page.

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